Open BST10.00-18.00/BWT10:00-16:00Monday-Sunday

Closed 24-25 December, Jan 1st 12-16:00

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We believe in serving up fresh, tasty and nutritious food from around the world, sourced locally, which is reflected in our menu. We prepare and cook everything on site, offering a wide range of dishes including breakfasts, salads, soups, ciabattas, pizzas and hot meals. We always have options for vegetarians and vegans.


In addition to our tasty dinners, we stock a delicious selection of cakes, pastiries and snacks. Our beverages include freshly squeezed orange juice, soft drinks, a lovely range of herbal teas, and great tasting coffee.


You can choose to eat in or take out. If you give us enough notice, we can also cater for groups and special occasions. However this can be difficult during the weekend, when we are usually most busy.


Our menu changes seasonally - more winter warmers for the colder months and more salads during the summer. We are also open to customer suggestions.


We try to keep our prices as low and affordable as possible. We also seek to source all our ingredients and products from ethical and, where possible, local suppliers.