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Exhibiting in the café

●    How long does the exhibition last?

They last 6 weeks on average

●    How do I exhibit my work?

We would like to see some of the works in advance, this could be done via e mail or in person. All the artworks need to be framed and ready to be hanged to our hanging system. If your artwork cannot be framed, you will need to discuss that with us in advance

●    How much does it cost to exhibit in the café?

Exhibiting works in the cafe is free. We sell the artwork on behalf of the artist/s, and take cash or cheque sales only. When a work is sold, the cafe takes 15% of the total

●    Can I publicise my exhibition?

Yes, indeed - a personal/business card or A4 size biography with the artist's details can be displayed by the exhibition as well as in Cafés web site. Please do send us a short bio and the contact details .

●    Can I sell my work to the public?

Yes, we will display a price list on a wall in the cafe, so long as it is on A4 size paper, and/or we can display a price next to each work if it is not larger than a business card size (A8= 52x74mm). In both cases the price size, in numbers, should not be larger than the description of the artwork.

●    Art work hangings and taking downs

Hanging and taking down usually takes place weekdays between 9:00-10:00 or after 15:00. The artist should be present and responsible for the artwork hanged. Instructions will provided by the cafe staff which the artist should follow.

●    More information

If you need any further information please email us using our web site contact page.