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Pounds, Paddles and Sluices
Pounds, Paddles and Sluices

Pounds, Paddles and Sluices

Retrospective Exhibition of black and white photographs  of the canals and waterways taken from Bob Clayden’s 1972 journey around the canals of England.

Bob’s trip around the country started in the Limehouse basin and up through London and the suburbs to the river systems of the east heading along the Trent to Goole and over the Leeds Liverpool canal to Wigan and back down to London via Coventry, Stoke and Rugby. The photographic record he made gives an insight into the state of the system  forty years ago when the canals were coming to the end of any commercial life and leisure boating was only just becoming popular. These images let you see how the canals have changed from the backwaters of our towns to the green pathways connecting the cites to the country.

29th January 2013